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Industrial Screen and Maintenance located in Grand Junction, Colorado and Casper, Wyoming, is the largest and most advanced machine shop company in the rocky mountain region. We have been in business since 1969. With over 60,000 sq. ft. between both locations, our equipment is fully tooled for large and small production runs, custom manufacturing and cost saving repairs. Our in-house custom urethane mold design, linings, molded products and stripping capabilities allow us to solve almost any wear problem. We offer custom screen manufacturing with a large variety of in stock wire mesh and stainless perforated screens. We also have a full line of our own ISM Patented products.

Our modern facilities include over 20 CNC turning and milling centers capable of simultaneous production of a single part to within .0002 tolerances, as well as numerous drill presses, lathes, mills and a variety of additional finishing equipment. We adhere to all ISO 9001 and API standards and employ a rigorous Quality Control Program.

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Engineered Solutions and Customized Products

Value Engineering Program Results In Improved AOT™ Efficacy and Effiency

SANTA BARBARA, CA — (Marketwired) — 02/08/16 — QS Energy, Inc. a developer of integrated technology solutions for the energy industry, today announced completion of a value engineering program designed to improve the efficacy and efficiency of its AOT™ (Applied Oil Technology) crude oil viscosity reduction hardware. This program began mid-2015 with analysis and testing of selected AOT components to address internal electrical field issues encountered during AOT operations on a commercial pipeline transporting ultra-light crude oil known as condensate. The resulting value engineered design improves the overall efficiency of electric field generation. Tests performed on the re-engineered AOT unit at Industrial Screen and Maintenance (ISM) one of QS Energy’s supply chain partners in Casper, Wyoming, demonstrated the highest efficiency electric field generation measured to date. The value engineered AOT system is expected to be re-deployed on a customer’s condensate pipeline within the next few weeks.  Read More

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