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Polyurethane Scraper Blades

For over 50 years, Industrial Screen & Maintenance has worked to create custom and standardized urethane parts to serve industries around the globe. There are several different uses for a polyurethane scraper blades or wipers because of the unique characteristics or urethane specifically flexibility and abrasion and chemical resistance. Urethane scrapers are implemented in most materials processing applications where a material needs to be spread, wiped, or scraped. Plus, urethane is known to outlast plastics and rubbers making it the perfect solution across several industries including mining, food production, gravel transport, micro paving, OEM parts and more. 

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Types of Urethane Scraper Blades/Wipers

Conveyer Belt Scraper Blades/Wipers

When materials like rock, gravel, sand, stone or coal is moved on a conveyer belt it often leaves behind a debris build up. Urethane conveyer belt scrapers allow the conveyer belt to stay clean as the urethane creates a flexible yet firm surface to push, scrap and remove the material build up. The urethane belts also create a squeegee for pushing moisture down the line. Our urethane belt scrapers blades/wipes work with a variety of materials. 

Urethane Mud Scrapers

Mud scrapers are used across several industries. With the dynamic physical properties of urethane including abrasion, chemical and wear resistance, urethane is a superior choice of material. Mud scrapers can be manufactured in a custom shore hardness to meet the needs of your application. LOADER BLADES

Customization & Material Bonded

Our in-house machine shop allows us to bond urethane to a variety of materials and create custom casts which extends the applications and solutions we can provide to our customers. We’ll work with you to determine the appropriate shore hardness and create a customized urethane formulation for your application. We can also machine slots and holes into scrapers blades/wipers to help with fitting.

Resurfacing Slurry Seal Wipers

In the micro paving/surfacing process, the goal is to economically extend the service life of a roadway. During this process cracks, pot holes, wheel path ruts and other road imperfections are corrected through the application of a slurry seal.  Urethane slurry wipers help spread the material evenly across the roadway. With urethane’s abrasion resistance and extreme durability, slurry wipers made from urethane outperform and outlast metal or rubber slurry wipers. This saves the operation time and money. Plus, urethane is often easier on man holes and street reflectors. 

Custom Polyurethane Edges For Buckets And Plow Blades

Our custom polyurethane edges for blades and loaders are designed to protect smooth, hard surfaces such as cobblestone and pavements that can be damaged by equipment while plowing. Applications include ATV & truck mounted plow blades, skid loaders & other bucket-mounted equipment. 

Advantages of Polyurethane Compared to Other Materials

Polyurethane Material Advantages

vs Plasticvs Rubbervs Metal
Impact and abrasion resistanceHigh tolerance to oil, oxygen and greasesMore flexible and easier to mold
Elastomeric memoryCut, tear, and high abrasion resistanceQuieter to operate
More durable and impact resistantWider hardness rangeAbrasion resistance
Low temperature resistanceOzone resistanceLightweight & easily moldable
Radiation resistanceRadiation resistanceCorrosion resistance
Cold flow resistanceCastableImpact resistant
Thick section moldingColorabilityNon-conductive
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Types of Cast Urethane Products

A urethane molded product is a custom product designed for applications that require abrasion resistance and durable material. Our proprietary urethane blends make for a stronger and more versatile product to outlast metal, rubber, and plastic.

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  • AbrasionBlock
  • Centralizers
  • Urethane Covered Bearings
  • Urethane Pads
  • Chute Linings
  • Wear Pads
  • Urethane Heavy Duty Cast Iron Wheels
  • Pump Impellers

Cast Urethane Product Specs

A urethane molded product is a custom product designed for applications that require abrasion resistance and durable material. Our proprietary urethane blends make for a stronger and more versatile product to outlast metal, rubber, and plastic.

Range of Shore Hardness

Shore 00


Shore A


Shore D


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Made in the USA
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Custom Quality Projects
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Longevity Over 50 Years
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