Advanced Polyurethane Liners for the Ultimate Protection from Chemicals and Solids

ABRASIONBLOCK Polyurethane Liners, Urethane Coatings and Urethane Customized Molds are produced from proprietary formulations and processing techniques. With over 50 year’s experience our Polyurethane blends with variable durometers are guaranteed to provide optimal strength and protection. Our proprietary blends provide the absolute best abrasion and chemical protection in the industry.

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Here are some of the benefits of Urethane ABRASIONBLOCK Lining:

High Abrasion

High Tear Strength

High Solvent, Fuel and Oil Resistance

High Dry Heat Resistance up for 225F

Wide Range of Hardness’s

Lining can be applied to new or existing equipment

Lining is more cost-effective than equipment replacement


Why Work with ISM?

  • Customized formulations to provide the maximum protection possible in your application
  • We offer complete stripping of old linings
  • Our in-house metal repair and machining services allow us to easily repair worn tubs, saving clients from having to replace them
  • Design and prototyping services

What Our Clients Are Saying

ISM has always gone out of their way to accommodate all our needs night and day.  I have never been told “no” at any point in the past 10 years.  ISM goes above and beyond to assure that our needs are met or exceeded by fulfilling last minute requests, working nights and weekends and delivering products across town several times daily if needed.  Their quality is always top notch as well! – Josh Clark, Scientific Drilling International
Customer service is excellent as well as the quality of the parts and delivery. -Kevin Thibodeaux, Frank’s International
Wear Plate Reline Services Before Picture Industrial Screen and Maintenance
Wear Plate After Urethane Lined Abrasionblock Industrial Screen and Maintenance

Advantages of our ABRASIONBLOCK Polyurethane Liners When Compared to Other Materials


AbrasionBlock Polyurethane Lining

vs. Plastic vs. Rubber vs. Metal
Impact and abrasion resistance High tolerance to oil, oxygen and greases More flexible and easier to mold
Elastomeric memory Cut, tear, and high abrasion resistance Quieter to operate
More durable and impact resistant Wider hardness range Abrasion resistance
Low temperature resistance Ozone resistance Lightweight & easily moldable
Radiation resistance Radiation resistance Corrosion resistance
Cold flow resistance Castable Impact resistant
Thick section molding Colorability Non-conductive

Common Applications for the Advanced Polyurethane Liners

Our advanced polyurethane liners provide protection against breakdown caused by chemicals and solids. We commonly line pipes with urethane for the following industries:

  • Mining industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Fracking Industry

Our urethane linings are designed with customized formulations to provide maximum protection in your particular application. We add our AbraisonBlock lining to a wide variety of products for these industries including:

  • Liners for components – used for shock absorption
    • Automobile components
    • Mining components
    • Fracking components
  • Pipe Lining

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