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Single Layer VS Double Layer

Depending on the application, a shaker screen might be single layer or double layer. A single layer hook screen, like its name suggests, features one layer of screen held to the proper tension with banded hook edges that add strength. A double-layer mesh hooked screen can include both a coarse mesh and a fine mesh, increasing strength and lengthening the shaker screen life expectancy.

Industrial Shaker & Hook Screens

Industrial Screen and Maintenance (ISM) understands the needs of the many industries needing strong and reliable shaker and hook screens for sifting, sieving, and sizing purposes. Shaker and hook screens are often considered to be the most important of the solid control system when it comes to oil drilling, and mining operations. The performance of every piece of equipment that follows depends on the performance of the shaker screen and how effectively it removes solids from treated drilling fluid.

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Shaker Screen Types

Some of the types of shaker screens depend both on the structure of the screens themselves, as well as the aperture and design.

Common screen structures include the flat screen design, traditionally the most often used shaker screen type, as well as newer designs such as the pyramid design. The dimension of the pyramid design allows for a significant increase in the fluid handling capacity of each screen – up to 40% greater, to be exact.

Hook Strip Screens

Industrial Screen and Maintenance can create nearly any type of hook strip screen for your sifting, sizing, and straining needs. The hook strip design refers to the way that shaker screens used for sifting, sieving, and classifying needs are secured using rails clamped along the edge to provide tension across the screen surface. These are called either hooks or hook strips.

Metal Comparison For Industrial Screens

The following general metal comparison is intended as a guide only to help you select the optimum metal for your application. Virtually all metals can be woven into wire cloth. For best results, please describe the application on your order or discuss it with one of our sales representatives.


Steel Low carbon C1008 is most commonly used. High carbon/hard drawn for high tensile strength and good abrasion resistance.
Stainless Steel (Type 304)Stainless is the basic alloy of this group and is used extensively in the manufacturing of wire cloth. It contains nominally 18% Chromium and 8% Chromium and 8% Nickel.
Type 316with its addition of 2% minimum Molybdenum, it provides considerable increased resistance to certain corrosive media. It also provides increased strength at high temperatures.
Type 304L and 316L are lower in carbon content and are frequently used to retain corrosion resisting properties after welding.
Type 17-4Precipitation Hardening also known as Type 630 is a chromium-copper precipitation hardening stainless steel used for applications requiring high strength and a moderate level of corrosion resistance. High strength is maintained to approximately 600 degrees Fahrenheit (316 degrees Celsius). Primarily used for our Down hole Motor Components, Drilling Screens and Aerospace components.
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Industrial Screen and Maintenance has specialized in industrial screen manufacturing, repair and design for almost 50 years. Making and repairing screens for multiple industries; drilling, pipeline, mining, construction, breweries, food service and agriculture. As an industry leader, we have worked with dozens of fortune 500 companies and shipped our products worldwide. We differentiate ourselves by providing the most rapid response possible to quotes and inquires. 

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