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Rotating Control Device (RCD) Sealing Elements

Having worked in the oil & gas industry for over 53 years, Industrial Screen & Maintenance (ISM) knows the importance of having quality components when working in high-pressure, high-risk drilling operations. Working with our clients we have developed an inhouse manufacturing solution for your RCD Sealing Element needs. 

ISM’s inhouse cast urethane and machining facilities offer full service premium polyurethane manufacturing.  Specializing in cast urethane and high-performance elastomers engineered for your low to high pressure drilling operations.  Offering a wide range of durometers, and colors to meet your RCD tool needs. 

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✔ Short Mfg Lead Times

✔ Made in USA

✔ Customizable Durometers/ Hardness

✔ Custom Color Selection

✔ Burn Off Services- allows ISM to re-use cores 

✔ In-house Machining Services for Quick Design Changes

What are Rotating Control Device (RCD) Sealing Elements  

The RCD tool is used in closed loop drilling systems, where its purpose is to contain and divert drilling fluids and enable wellbore pressure management.  Safely diverting mud, and cuttings away from operators on the drilling floor.  In doing so helping lower overall drilling costs, increasing penetration rates, and reducing mud volumes and/or density requirements. RCD Sealing elements or Stripper Rubbers rotate with the drill string, while the steal housing and bearings provide control of the flow by diverting drilling fluids and gases away from the rig.  Rotating Control Devices are used in both land and sea drilling operations as a key component for safety, environmental concerns, reducing costs and increasing production time. 

RCD Sealing Element Capabilities

Industrial Screen and Maintenance’s RCD Sealing Elements provide durability taking abrasion and hard blows with shock-absorbing capabilities time and time again. Allowing operators to safely operate the remote rotating control devices with confidence knowing they have full containment of wellbore fluids. ISM engineering team can help design and recommend materials for your RCD elements to meet your toughest applications while reducing maintenance costs.  All ISM RCD Elements are manufactured in the US, custom molded to order greatly reducing your supply chain issues and high manufacturing costs with fast lead times.   

RCD Sealing Element Manufacturing Solutions

Custom Cast Urethane in small to large production runs, our team can design, and manufacturing your needed product solutions.  We offer complete in-house manufacturing services, allowing for short lead times, affordable tooling, and prototyping.

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Rotating Control Devices

Check out some of our Custom Urethane Products.

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Advantages of Polyurethane Compared to Other Materials

Polyurethane Material Advantages

vs Plasticvs Rubbervs Metal
Impact and abrasion resistanceHigh tolerance to oil, oxygen and greasesMore flexible and easier to mold
Elastomeric memoryCut, tear, and high abrasion resistanceQuieter to operate
More durable and impact resistantWider hardness rangeAbrasion resistance
Low temperature resistanceOzone resistanceLightweight & easily moldable
Radiation resistanceRadiation resistanceCorrosion resistance
Cold flow resistanceCastableImpact resistant
Thick section moldingColorabilityNon-conductive
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Types of Cast Urethane Products

A urethane molded product is a custom product designed for applications that require abrasion resistance and durable material. Our proprietary urethane blends make for a stronger and more versatile product to outlast metal, rubber, and plastic.

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  • AbrasionBlock
  • Centralizers
  • Urethane Covered Bearings
  • Urethane Pads
  • Chute Linings
  • Wear Pads
  • Urethane Heavy Duty Cast Iron Wheels
  • Pump Impellers

Cast Urethane Product Specs

A urethane molded product is a custom product designed for applications that require abrasion resistance and durable material. Our proprietary urethane blends make for a stronger and more versatile product to outlast metal, rubber, and plastic.

Range of Shore Hardness

Shore 00


Shore A


Shore D


Why Work with ISM?

Made in  the USA
Made in the USA
Custom Quality Projects
Custom Quality Projects
Longevity  Over 50 Years
Longevity Over 50 Years
Proprietary  Lining
Family Owned Business
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Industrial Screen and Maintenance is the premiere supplier of urethane parts and components for industries all over the world. We differentiate ourselves by providing the most rapid response possible to quotes and inquires.

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