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Polyurethane Products Polyurethane Shock Absorbers

Polyurethane Shock Absorber 

Shock absorption is critical to extending the lifetime of equipment and ensuring safe operation. Thanks to its durable design and versatility, polyurethane is a popular option for industrial shock absorption. Explore the applications of these components, benefits of choosing polyurethane, and how Industrial Screen and Maintenance compares as a molded polyurethane bumper manufacturer. 

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Applications of Polyurethane Shock Absorbers

  • When an impact creates energy that needs to be safely absorbed, polyurethane products provide the durable solution you need. Manufacturers can alter both the shape and the hardness of these absorbers, creating custom solutions to be used as bushings, dampers, bumpers, grommets, and pads. 

    Polyurethane offers shock absorption similar to steel springs and other conventional options. It’s a popular alternative in situations involving high levels of corrosion, magnetism, or vibration. Consider choosing components from a quality polyurethane shock absorbers manufacturer for use in the following equipment: 

    • Shaker Bumpers
    • Punching dies 
    • Stamping dies 
    • Drawing dies 
    • Elevators 
    • Electrical systems

Industries Using Polyurethane Shock Absorbers

  • As a highly rated molded polyurethane bumper manufacturer, Industrial Screen and Maintenance provides custom shock absorption products for a variety of industries. Multiple industries use these dependable products for a variety of applications: 

    • Construction
    • Mining
    • Drilling
    • Process automation 
    • Military 
    • Marine 
    • Die cutting 
    • Metal forming 

    Whether you’re repairing existing equipment or using these absorbers in your manufacturing line, you can be confident that they fit your industry requirements, extending both the lifetime and safety of your equipment. 

Benefits of Industrial Screen and Maintenance Absorbers

Polyurethane Shock Absorber

There are many different materials that can absorb shocks in your equipment, so be sure to choose the correct material for the job. Consider getting products from a dependable polyurethane shock absorbers supplier to enjoy the following benefits compared with other materials: 

  • Bondable material 
  • Competitive dielectric strength 
  • Resistant to oil and solvents 
  • Capable of high load-carrying limits 
  • Non-magnetic 
  • Resistant to galling and marring 

Thanks to our custom manufacturing capabilities, the team at Industrial Screen and Maintenance can assist you in creating specialized absorbers for your project. We offer prototypes, short manufacturing runs, and high-volume production of polyurethane shock absorbers to accomplish your production goals.  

Learn More About Our Shock Absorbers Today 

Replace damaged absorbers or prepare to manufacture quality equipment with leading polyurethane products thanks to Industrial Screen and Maintenance. Contact us today to see how we compare as a molded polyurethane bumper manufacturer for your prototype to production needs. Review our other services to find precision manufacturing solutions every step of the way. 

Advantages of Polyurethane Compared to Other Materials

Polyurethane Material Advantages

vs Plasticvs Rubbervs Metal
Impact and abrasion resistanceHigh tolerance to oil, oxygen and greasesMore flexible and easier to mold
Elastomeric memoryCut, tear, and high abrasion resistanceQuieter to operate
More durable and impact resistantWider hardness rangeAbrasion resistance
Low temperature resistanceOzone resistanceLightweight & easily moldable
Radiation resistanceRadiation resistanceCorrosion resistance
Cold flow resistanceCastableImpact resistant
Thick section moldingColorabilityNon-conductive
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Types of Cast Urethane Products

A urethane molded product is a custom product designed for applications that require abrasion resistance and durable material. Our proprietary urethane blends make for a stronger and more versatile product to outlast metal, rubber, and plastic.

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  • AbrasionBlock
  • Centralizers
  • Urethane Covered Bearings
  • Urethane Pads
  • Chute Linings
  • Wear Pads
  • Urethane Heavy Duty Cast Iron Wheels
  • Pump Impellers

Cast Urethane Product Specs

A urethane molded product is a custom product designed for applications that require abrasion resistance and durable material. Our proprietary urethane blends make for a stronger and more versatile product to outlast metal, rubber, and plastic.

Range of Shore Hardness

Shore 00


Shore A


Shore D


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Custom Quality Projects
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