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Industrial Screen and Maintenance manufactures urethane parts & industrial screen for Oil and Gas industrial applications.

ISM Pipeline Equipment and Supplies

Oil and Gas Screens

ISM is an industry leader in Industrial Screen manufacturing and has been providing all types of Oil and Gas screens for over 50 years.  ISM has designed and supplied many varieties of drilling, pumping, filtering, sorting, sifting, and processing screens used throughout all drilling, production, fracking and refining operations. We carry a large in stock inventory of screen materials including ready to ship drill pipe screens in common API connections

Machine Shop Services

Oil and Gas Industry relies heavily on threaded connections, these critical connections require inspection, and services to keep them running smoothly.  ISM Machinists are fully trained in all shouldered connection including API, as well as casing and tubing connections.   Two locations with full-service Tubular Repair Services in Casper, Wyoming and Grand Junction, Colorado.  ISM is an Oil & Gas industrial screen manufacturer with a team full of experienced machinists, welders, and fabricators ready to help repair or replace your broken damaged equipment.   

Oil & Gas Urethane Parts

The Oil and Gas Industry is crucial to the world’s economic framework and is one of the largest sectors in the world for revenue generation.  Oil and gas production is also one of the most capital-intensive industries, requiring expensive equipment and highly skilled labors.  Oil and Gas Industry can be broken down into three segments: upstream, midstream, and downstream.  Industrial Screen and Maintenance (ISM) has worked with all three sectors over the years creating oil & gas urethane parts to help provide solutions for the many challenges in the industry.  

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ISM Drilling Products and Services

Urethane Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry

ISM Cast Urethane liners have revolutionized the Fracking industry, by developing a proprietary polyurethane lining application specifically for hydraulic fracturing operations.  The Hydraulic Fracking operators face nonstop abrasion from solids, sand, and chemical corrosion.  The Abrasionblock Urethane liners have been applied on blender tubs, manifolds, elbows, flanges, and other fittings for many of the large fracking operators for decades, shipping them around the globe.  Our team of highly qualified Urethane Technicians can burn out old liners, repair worn-out steel surfaces, prep, and re-line with new Polyurethane.  This liner lasts up to 10x longer than standard steel tubs.

Featured Products

Oil & Gas Solutions

  • Upstream- Upstream Businesses are companies that are involved in the exploration and production of oil and gas.  ISM works with these businesses in a variety of ways, manufacturing, and servicing equipment for the Onshore and Offshore drilling operations like drilling screens, directional drilling motor components, downhole tool manufacturing, specializing in threaded connections for all downhole tools. ISM is well known for our AbrasionBlock Urethane Liners used on Fracking Blender Tubs, Flanges and Elbows.  This casted urethane liner saves Fracking Operators costly downtime and prevents the need for replacing high value fracking equipment.
  • Midstream- Midstream businesses are those who are responsible for the transportation, moving extracted material to the refineries for processing.  Midstream companies consist of shipping and trucking, pipelines, and storage of raw materials.  ISM manufacturers and services trucking equipment, pumps, pipeline equipment and pipeline screens used in midstream operations.
  • Downstream- Downstream businesses are the refineries; responsible for removing all impurities and converting the raw oil and gas to products for consumers such as asphalt, heating oil, jet fuel, diesel, and gasoline.  ISM specializes in manufacturing refinery screens such as suction strainers, conical strainers, inline screens, temporary start up screens and many custom screens over the last 50 years.

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Our team of highly qualified Urethane Technicians can burn out old liners, repair the worn-out steel surfaces, prep, and re-line with new Polyurethane.  This liner lasts up to 10x longer than standard steel tubs.    

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Made in  the USA
Made in the USA
Custom Quality Projects
Custom Quality Projects
Longevity  Over 50 Years
Longevity Over 50 Years
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