About Industrial Screen and Maintenance

Industrial Screen and Maintenance (ISM) is a third-generation family owned machine shop specializing in Industrial Manufacturing since 1969.  A Small Business focused on the diverse needs of companies’ rigorous specifications, tight schedules and budgets. Our qualified machinists offer decades of experience fabricating high quality turnkey components. We have two high tech facilities located in Casper, Wyoming and Grand Junction, Colorado with over 50,000 sq. ft.  Our superior work ethic and friendly, committed staff, provide the comfort and confidence our customers can rely on.

We offer precision CNC Machining, General Machine Shop Services Welding, Cast Urethane Products, Urethane Liners, Screen Repair and Manufacturing for all industrial and commercial applications. We specialize in prototype to production of precision machined components that meet rigorous and complex specifications. Our machines ensure repeatable, high-quality and close tolerance work. Our full time Quality Control Managers ensure all products meet and exceed your timeline and manufacturing standards.  Projects are complete with all required certified material records, x-ray and testing results. We work with customers from all over the globe providing manufacturing solutions for various industries.

We offer a wide range of manufacturing capabilities that include:

Machine Shop Grand Junction
Industrial Manufacturing Urethane and Machining Industrial Screen and Maintenance

Our Equipment

  • 13 CNC Lathes, 3 of which are 9 inch Hollow Bores
  • 5 CNC Vertical Milling Centers
  • Over 30 manual machines
  • 16 Manual Lathes
  • 8 Manual Vertical Milling Lathes
  • 50 ton Hydraulic Press
  • 35 ton Hydraulic Punch Press
  • 2 100 ton Vertical Press
  • 3 35 ton Vertical Press
  • Hydraulic Brakes and Benders
  • CNC Engraving Table
  • 2 CNC Plasma Torch Tables
  • Multiple TIG, MIG, Stick and Brazing Welding Machines

Custom Urethane Department

  • In-house Mold Manufacturing, Design and Fabrication
  • 4 Centrifugal Casting Machines
  • High Efficiency Mixing Machines
  • Large Capacity Burnout Oven Rated for 1800* 100% Pollution Free

Robert “Pete” Miner started Industrial Screen and Maintenance in Casper, Wyoming in 1969. He began by manufacturing screens for the uranium industry, which we still produce today. Pete was a self-taught Master Electrician and Electrical Engineer.  Over the years he solved problems and developed new products for various industries. When he passed away in 2008, he left behind 7 patents, 3 sons and a daughter. His son, Daniel P Miner now retired, carried on his father’s legacy for decades taking Industrial Screen and Maintenance to new heights, developing new products, two patents, and one still pending.  Daughter, Lindsey (Miner) Robinson continues the family legacy as current owner and president.  While the industry and our customers are always evolving, one thing remains the same; our employees come first and foremost.  We believe if you take care of them, they will always take care of the customers.