Urethane Pipeline Pigs

Industrial Screen’s Solid Cast Urethane Pipeline Pig is ideal for scrapping, sealing and long-lasting pipe cleaning. This product is designed with two cups, the most effective shape to allow for long-distance runs and good drive seal. This design allows the Pipe Pig to easily navigate long radius elbows during the cleaning process.  All ISM Urethane Pipeline Pigs are made from a premium proprietary blend of polyurethane in our US facility.

We stock all common sizes for quick domestic and/or international shipping.  Our standard ISM Urethane Pipeline Pigs are poured in a standard gray 70 Durometer polyurethane.  83 Durometer Pipe Pigs are available upon special request only.

Available Options:

  • 3” up to 12” Stock Sizes
  • Standard 70 Durometer Urethane
  • Special Request 83 Durometer Urethane
  • Standard Color is Grey
  • Custom Colors available upon request only


Industrial Screen has been an industry leader since 1969.  We have spent decades perfecting our propriety polyurethane blends and custom urethane molding capabilities.  As a full service, Machine Shop and CNC Manufacturing facility with onsite engineers we have a unique and unmatched ability to design and manufacture.

We offer a full line of Polyurethane ProductsAbrasionBlock LiningsCustom Urethane Molded Products and various Pipeline Products; Inline Temporary Screens, Orifice Paddle Style Plates, Flanges and Custom Fittings.

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