Food Processing Screens

Industrial Screen and Maintenance is the leading US Manufacturer for custom and replacement screens of all shapes and sizes including food processing screens for the food and beverage industry. We specialize in wedge wire screen, wire mesh and polyester mesh filter screens used for sieves, vibrating screens and various filtration screens. Our unique capabilities and experienced staff are here to help you rescreen or design a replacement screen for your operation. We stock a wide variety of materials allowing for fast turnaround for various screening products for food and beverage applications. As a US Manufacturer with two locations we are able to ship custom orders within a few days, saving you valuable downtime!

What are Food Processing Screens Used for?

  • Water Treatment and Filtration
  • Sorting and Sifting
  • Sizing and Separating
  • Washing Food Products
  • Transport

What are the Common Applications for Food Processing Screens?

  • Hops Filters Screens and Infusers
  • Grain filter Sieves
  • Wheat filter Sieves
  • Flour filter Sieves
  • Flat Panel or Rotary Screens
  • Sieve Bends
  • Dewatering Screens
  • Vibration Screens
  • Rotary Screens
  • Custom Fry Baskets

What Food Industries Use Food Processing Screens?

  • Brewing
  • Sugar Processing
  • Grain Handling
  • CBD

Benefits of Industrial Screen & Maintenance Food Screens

  • 100% American Made
  • Reduce plugging and downtime
  • Provide better solid and liquid separation
  • Reduce cross contamination
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Meet hygienic and FDA requirements


What are the Common Materials Used for Food Processing Screens?

Polyester Mesh provides excellent chemical, thermal and high permeability for easier cleaning. Easy to handle, offers thermal and chemical resistance, with dimensional stability. Available in multiple small micron mesh sizes.

316 Stainless Mesh offers a high wear resistance, stable structure, corrosion resistant and long life span. Available in small to large micron mesh sizes.

316 Stainless Perforated Steel offers a variety of larger holes sizes and open area, firm solid structure. Has a high wear and corrosion resistance, easy to clean and long life span. Available in various thickness and hole patterns.

Vee Screen or Wedge Wire offers a larger open area with precise gap and slotted profiles, incredibly durable, and easy to clean. Most commonly used for; vibrating deck panels, centrifuges, flat shaker style screen panels, sieve panels, cylinders and half cylinders. 


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