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Why You Need Industrial Bird Cone Screens

Modern businesses are becoming increasingly responsible as regulators, consumers, and other stakeholders grow more aware of the impact industry has on the environment. This means businesses are being held to account in cases of environmental harm, including the destruction of local flora and fauna.

Any business with physical infrastructure that could harm bird or animal life needs to implement measures to reduce this damage. This includes businesses operating in heavy industry, such as oil and gas plants or large-scale manufacturers, as well as smaller-scale operations. This is why industrial bird cone screens are becoming critical, as businesses seek to protect local wildlife while remaining fully compliant with all state- and federal-level regulations. Read on to learn more as we explore this in detail.

What Is a Bird Cone Screen?

An industrial bird cone screen is made from stainless perforated metal, formed and shaped into a cone framework. This creates a cover that prevents birds and other wildlife from entering pipework, ducts, or other elements of industrial infrastructure. Because of the heavy gauge stainless perforated material, the steam, air, and other gases can pass through the cone easily and efficiently while still holding up to the extreme heat and outdoor conditions.

This is important because birds have a habit of finding their way into industrial mechanisms and ductwork. When birds enter these parts of an industrial facility, they are vulnerable to harm, which can result in a fine for the business. In addition, the business's property may be damaged by the bird, which in turn leads to expensive repairs and replacement work.

Benefits of a Bird Cone Screen

Why would a business need an industrial bird cone screen? What advantages do these industrial screens provide? Take a look.

  • Environmental compliance

Businesses need to be aware of their impact on the environment, and this includes ensuring that harm to local species is minimized. Installing a cone screen helps to ensure that compliance requirements are met.

  • Protection for business infrastructure

If business infrastructure is damaged by birds or other wildlife, this can prove difficult to replace. Simply by installing a screen at key access points, business owners can eliminate this risk.

  • A more responsible business identity

Modern consumers are increasingly engaged with environmental issues. It may be beneficial for businesses to demonstrate their own commitment to these issues, building this concept of responsibility into their identity.

  • Offset costs

Enhancing the business's environmental credentials, avoiding fines, eliminating the need for repairs — all of this will offset the cost of sourcing and installing bird cone screens.

Choosing High-Quality Bird Cone Screens

Quality always needs to come first when selecting a bird cone screen. This means:

  • Choosing a screen that will not corrode when exposed to external weather conditions
  • Choosing a screen that is big enough to cover the entry point
  • Choosing a screen that is adjustable and can be installed easily and efficiently
  • Choosing a screen that will not inhibit the flow of air, exhaust gases, or other materials
  • Choosing a screen from a reputable supplier, which can be replaced easily when required

Industrial Bird Cone Screens Are Necessary Additions for Your Business

Industrial bird cone screens are highly effective in keeping your business fully compliant with all regulations while also protecting wildlife in your local area. With the right bird cone screen, all of this is achieved without impacting your operational efficiency.

Want to learn more about choosing the right industrial screen for your business? Check out our resource pages today.

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