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Custom Urethane Solutions for Fracking Equipment

Fracking operations are part of the well completions process and essential in today’s Oil and Gas production.  Fracking is a process in which the operators use thousands of tons of specialized sand, blending and pumping down into the well bore to help open the hole, allowing the oil and/or gas to flow to the surface for production. The fracking equipment used in this operation suffers from the highly abrasive effects of the silica sand. This abrasion and wear costs operators an enormous amount of equipment replacement and repair costs not including the expensive downtime. Due to the nature of the process, leaks in equipment from abrasion can cause major environmental and safety issues possing a great liability for operators.

ISM’s Fracking Abrasion Solution

Industrial Screen and Maintenance Inc (ISM) has partnered with multiple fracking clients in the last decade to develop solutions to greatly reduce the risk of equipment failure and downtime. 

Working with existing customer frac equipment and designs, ISM developed a casting process to apply a consistent 1/4" to 3/8” thick cast urethane lining.  This unique solution has allowed oil and gas operators to greatly extend the life of their equipment by up to 5-10 times that of common steel fittings.  Allowing for fully customizable urethane durometers and blends to match the operations chemical/silica compounds.  Custom bright colors are typically used, allowing field hands the ability to easily identify worn areas preventing major leaks and failures on site.  The components are than able to be sent back to ISM for full lining replacement at a fraction of the cost of new equipment with minimal to no downtime.    

Complete Urethane Lined Piping Systems:

Benefits of ISM Urethane Fracking Liner

  • Eliminate Frac Equipment Replacement Costs
  • 5-10 times increased wear life on fittings
  • High Abrasion and Chemical Resistance
  • Heat Resistance up to 200F 
  • Increased Production Time
  • Reduced Environmental Risk
  • ISO 9001/API Q1 Quality System
  • Custom Urethane formulations to match site conditions
  • Suitable for all industries; Fracking, Mining, Road Equipment, Water Treatment, Processing and Sand and Gravel.

In todays growing supply chain crisis, ISM is ready to help you tackle your frac equipment abrasion needs. 

Want to learn more about choosing the right urethane for your application? Check out Urethane Lined Pipe and Urethane Fracking Liner pages today.

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