Shaker and Hook Screens

Industrial Screen and Maintenance (ISM)understands the needs of the many industries needing strong and reliable shaker and hook screens for sifting, sieving, and sizing purposes.  Shaker and hook screens are often considered to be the most important of the solid control system when it comes to oil drilling operations. The performance of every piece of equipment that follows depends on the performance of the shaker screen and how effectively it removes solids.

Shaker Screen

Shaker Hook Style Screen

Shaker Screens are made from fine stainless-steel mesh materials in single, double or triple layer designs to be installed in large shaker, vibrational tables or units.  Shaker screens are a cost effective, easily replaceable screen that can be customized with a wide range of stainless wire mesh sizes for separating and filtering out solids.  Shaker screens are used in many industrial applications including mining of raw materials, drilling operations to control solids by separate drilling cuttings from drilling mud as well as food processing and food sorting applications

Why work with ISM?

ISM has a long history of manufacturing quality shaker screens in multiple configurations.  Offering RAPID lead times for industrial replacement vibratory, shaker and separator screens.  Specializing in industrial screen manufacturing, repair and design for almost 50 years. Making and repairing screens for multiple industries; drilling, pipeline, mining, construction, breweries, food service and agriculture. As an industry leader we have worked with dozens of fortune 500 companies and shipped our products worldwide. With decades of experience our in house engineers and design staff are able to help trouble shoot and problem solve for just about any application. We stock a large inventory of quality Stainless Wire Mesh, Stainless Wire Cloth, Stainless Perforated Steel in various thicknesses and hole patterns.

Hook Strip Screens

Industrial Screen and Maintenance can create nearly any type of hook strip screen for your sifting, sizing, and straining needs. The hook strip design refers to the way that shaker screens used for sifting, sieving, and classifying needs are secured using rails clamped along the edge to provide tension across the screen surface. These are called either hooks or hook strips.

Single Layer, Double or Triple Layer

Depending on the application, a shaker screen might be single layer, double or even triple layer. A single layer hook screen, like its name suggests, features one layer of screen held to the proper tension with banded hook edges that add strength. A double-layer screen can include both a coarse mesh and a fine mesh, increasing strength and lengthening the shaker screen life expectancy.