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Street Sweeper Replacement Parts Repair and Lining Services

Street Sweeper Replacement and Repair

Industrial Screen offers full repair, replacement and lining services for common wear items found on Street Sweepers.  Almost 50 years experience solving common wear issues and manufacturing in the Oil and Gas Industry, Industrial Screen is now applying that same proven technology to other industries.  Street Sweeping Equipment has many repair and high wear components.  With two full CNC Machining, Welding, and Fabrication shops in Wyoming and Colorado, Industrial Screen is able to get your equipment up and running faster than the competition saving you valuable downtime.

Street Sweeper Parts and Services

  • Intake Elbow Manufacturing and Repair
  • Hydraulic Repair and Replacement Parts
  • Pump Repair and Parts
  • Full Machine Shop Services
  • Welding and Fabrication
  • Product Design and Engineering

Our proprietary polyurethane linings are a perfect fit for high wear items on any type of equipment.  Drastically increase the life expectancy of your intake elbows, wear pads and guides with our ABRASIONBLOCK™ Technology.  This product can be bonded directly to new equipment, old parts headed for the scrap yard or as a solid molded product.

Urethane AbrasionBlockTM Lining Benefits
• High Abrasion Resistance
• High Tear Strength
• High Solvent, Fuel & Oil Resistance
• High Dry Heat Resistance up to 225F
• Wide Range of Hardness’s
• ABRASIONBLOCKTM  lining can be applied to new or existing equipment.
• ABRASIONBLOCKTM  lining is more cost effective than equipment replacement.
• Customized Formulations to provide the maximum protection possible in your particular application.
• We offer complete stripping of old linings.
• Complete In house Metal Repair and Machining Services

Download AbrasionBlock(TM)

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