Urethane Pump Impellers and Parts

When it comes to high wear urethane pump impellers and slurry pump parts, Industrial Screen has over 50 years of experience with industrial grade polyurethane replacing rubber and alloy parts.  Urethane is an excellent material for abrasion and corrosion resistant properties for fine abrasive slurries.  Many of our global clients rely on Industrial Screen to provide ultimate protection with our cast bonded linings and cast molded urethane products to fit their OEM Pumps in power plants, mining operations and fracking equipment.

Industrial Screen’s proprietary formulations and processing techniques are designed for exceptional wear in fine feed environments greatly increasing the components wear life, giving you years of trouble free service.

When it comes to upgrading your troublesome pump parts, Industrial Screen is full service from start to finish including intricate mold design and manufacturing, precise metering and mixing equipment and step by step quality control to meet and exceed industry standards.  Our complete services include repair and relining services that include stripping of old linings, steel repair for warn wear plates, fittings, elbows, tubs, fan housings and mixers.

Ultilizing our in-house engineering team, CNC Lathes and Mills we are able to produce the highest quality molds much faster than any of our competitors.  With our dedicated team and decades of experience we can ensure the perfect fit and finish for even the most intricate designs.  With our expansive inventory of patterns and molds in stock to fit many OEM parts on the market today.

Look below at some of our commonly produced and relined parts:

  • Urethane Bar Stock
  • Urethane Flat Stock
  • Hydroclones
  • Mixers and Tubs
  • Elbows, Pipe Spools and Pipe Fittings
  • Fan Intake Housings
  • Gaskets, Wedges and Spacers
  • Pump Impellers and Pump Parts
  • Pump flingers and slingers
  • Screens of all shapes and sizes
  • Suction Liners
  • Wear Plates
  • Wheels

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