Flow Control Screens 

Industrial Screen and Maintenance (ISM) is the leading US Manufacturer for custom and replacement screens of all shapes and sizes including flowback screens, flowback iron and hammer union screens for well control operations. Specializing in wedge wire screen, wire mesh, slotted body, stainless bar, and polyester mesh filter screens used for sand, particulates, and debris filtration.

ISM Inline Screens are manufactured in the US using the highest-grade materials for standard or H2S Service, while adhering to NACE MR-0175 for all H2S Sour Gas Service equipment.  Well Control Screens are exposed daily to abrasive chemicals and solids during the flowback operations.  Because of these extreme harsh condition’s clients prefer ISM flow line screens.  ISM has decades of experience, adheres to high quality standards, and provides clients full material traceability when required.

Inline Screens can be incorporated into multiple configurations of Flowback Iron (Hammer Unions) and production tubing and piping. Flowback Iron screens are used to remove debris from flow to protect sensitive downstream equipment.  ISM hammer union screens can be incorporated into Laterals, Elbows, Tee’s and Cross fittings.  Excellent for use in configurations with limited space where larger filtration equipment is not practical.

ISM Flow Control Screens Benefits                 

Flowback Screen Hammer Union


·         Easy to install and replace with limited down time

·         Custom Configurations Available with Short Lead Times

·         In-stock Materials allow for Fast Delivery

·         High Quality Standards

·         H2S Materials Available

·         Multiple Styles Available to meet flow requirements: Perforated, Slotted, V-Wire and Bar

Machine Shop Services- Flowback Adapters, Fittings and Flanges

Need a custom adapter, fitting or flange?  Let us know, with two CNC Machine Shop Locations ISM is fully equipped to manufacture your Custom Flowback Iron Fittings.  All styles available ANSI, API, AWWA.

·         Hammer union (all sizes of 602, 1002, 1502, 2002, 2202)

·         Connection Connections for specific applications

·         Custom Threaded or Welded Neck Styles

·         Premium Threads

·         In-stock Material for RUSH Orders

·         H2S Sour Gas Materials Available Meet NACE MR0175 Spec


Two Locations: Casper, WY 307-234-3547 and Grand Junction, CO 970-245-4020