Drill Pipe Screens

Industrial Screen has specialized in Screen Manufacturing for over 45 years.  Manufacturing all types of screens for various industries, Temporary Pipe Screens, Conical and Basket Strainers, Drill Pipe Screens, Trash Catcher Screens, V Wire Screens, Hammer Union Screens, Irrigation Screens and other custom tubular screens.

Drill Pipe Screens and Strainers are a vital component in any directional drilling application, protecting valuable equipment from highly abrasive solids.  Our screens are proudly manufactured in the United States, from high quality heat treated stainless.  We offer bar/rod drill pipe screens, slotted tube drill pipe screens, perforated, and elongated drill pipe screens as retrievable or non-retrievable.  We stock most common connection flange sizes, outer rings, bolts, cores and can assemble ship in most cases same day.

Common Tool Joint Connections

1.9″ EUE
2-3/8″ API IF, REG or EUE
2-7/8″ API IF, REG or EUE
3-1/2″ API IF, REG, FH or X-Hole
4″ API IF, FH or REG
4-1/2″ API IF,REG, FH or X-Hole
5″ API X-Hole
5-1/2″ API IF,REG, FH or X-Hole
6-5/8″ API IF, FH or REG
7-5/8″ REG
8-5/8″ API REG
TSDS-38 (Smith Intl)
XT-38 or XT-39 (NOV/Grand Pridco)

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Drill pipe strainers


  • Screens are manufactured from high quality 11 gauge perforated type 304 Stainless Steel
  • All sizes of screens available as retrievable or non-retrievable.
  • Screens are available in any length up to 48″.
  • Standard basket sizes allow various sizes of flanges to be used with same screen.
  • Interchangeable flanges are stamped for easy identification and replacement.
  • Screens are available in multiple styles including Bar Strainer Style, Slotted Strainer Style or Conventional Perforated Strainer Style.
  • Various sized openings accommodate even the most aggressive LCM materials.
  • Standard sized retriever bolts allow easy removal with over shot tool.


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