Bird Cone Screens

Industrial Screen and Maintenance Bird Cone Screens or Bird Guards are designed and manufactured in the US. Made from quality 304 Stainless Perforated Steel, they are guaranteed to outlast all competitor bird screens on the market today. Industrial Screen and Maintenance has been manufacturing industrial screens for over 48 years.

Bird Cone Screens are designed to be easily installed on site with minimal tools and time, helping eliminate your production downtime and reducing repairs needed due to nesting problems. Government agencies are enforcing new policies to protect migratory birds by requiring all oil and gas operators to install screens on stacks and other openings of heat treaters or fired vessels. These screens are designed to prevent entry by wildlife, including migratory birds. These policies have been adopted after inspection officials found many heater treaters contained the remains of dead birds. As a result of these findings, it has been determined that heater treaters on oil and gas properties create a widespread hazard for migratory birds. The parties responsible for bird deaths from these devices may be subject to prosecution and fines.

Our Bird Cone Screens are manufactured from 100% Stainless Materials; 1” 16 gauge 304SS Legs with adjustable stainless steel band to allow for onsite adjustments up to 1” from size ordered.  304SS Perforated steel thickness varies depending on diameter and height of screen ordered. Our bird cones are designed to fit all exhaust stacks and common pipe sizes, specialty sizes are available upon request. Most competitor screens are made from galvanized steel which is only rated for up to 392 degrees and is susceptible to corrosion from exposure to natural elements. Stainless steel is rated for up to 1500 degrees and less susceptible to corrosion; there for our bird screens offer a much longer product life saving you valuable time and money.

Sizes Available: 4” up to 68”

We stock all common size Bird Cone Screens and can help design a Custom Screen for any application.

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