Polyester Mesh Filter Screen

Polyester Screen Cloth

When thinking of the term “screen,” polyester screen cloth is one of the most common applications that comes to mind for many people. Industrial Screen and Maintenance is a leading manufacturer of screen materials and solutions across industries, including the mighty but humble polyester screen cloth with a myriad of uses.

Benefits of Polyester Screen Cloth

One reason that polyester screen cloth is particularly useful is in situations where a metallic wire cloth simply cannot be used. Polyester screen cloth has excellent properties of moisture and corrosion resistance, as well as being extremely durable and flexible.

Industrial Screen and Maintenance produces polyester screen cloth woven to tight tolerances, with precise consistency of the openings (pore size) as a result. It is extremely durable and stable, making it a superior product across many industries and applications.

One of the biggest advantages to using polyester screen cloth is the ease with which it can be measured and cut to virtually any size. Polyester screen is lightweight and flexible, making it extremely convenient to use in a variety of settings, industries, and applications.

Sizing Polyester Screen Cloth

Polyester screen cloth is often referred to by micron size and mesh. A micron is an abbreviation for a micrometer and is a way of referring to a tiny particle size. A micrometer is one-millionth of a meter. The abbreviation for micron is the Greek letter mu (µ).

Describing the size of polyester screen cloth by mesh is a way of telling how many openings there are per linear inch of the mesh. The more openings there are per inch, the smaller each opening has to be. An 18-mesh screen has larger openings than a 50-mesh screen. Also, mesh size does not measure particle size precisely, and particles are three-dimensional, whereas mesh is generally flat (though the thickness can vary depending on the thickness of the fibers used to construct the polyester screen).