Pipeline Products and Pipe Inspection

Pipeline Industry is responsible for safe transportation of products such as crude oil, natural gas, refined petroleum products, slurry, water, and sewage.  These pipelines work as a safe, efficient way to transport fluids and products long distances.  Pipelines, whether in the ground, submerged in water or exposed to the outside elements must be properly maintained and protected from corrosion.

Industrial Screen and Maintenance (ISM) has been manufacturing solutions for the Pipeline and Pipeline Inspection Industry for decades.  Founder, Robert P Miner, developed and patented the method & apparatus for testing, roundness and straightness of pipes and tubing. Patent #4,354,379


Pete’s design of the Pipe Drift is to this day one of our most popular products.  The API Urethane Pipe Drift is constructed with a steel core and a cast polyurethane shell.  ISM urethane pipe drifts are a superior product when compared to competitors’ drifts made from other materials like steel, Teflon and UHMW.  As a pioneer in new technology and innovation ISM has continued to serve and proudly manufacture quality products for Pipelines across the globe.


Urethane Pipeline and Pipe Inspection Equipment 

Pipe fittings and parts are often an overlooked equipment in the oilfield industry. They must stand up to wear and tear in harsh conditions. They do not get much attention until it is too late. Cast urethane pipeline products and urethane linings provide an extra layer of durability at a cost-effective price point. Urethane linings added to products like flanges, tee’s, joints, and other fittings can be lined to greatly extend the life and durability.


The installation and servicing of pipelines can allow for debris and materials to enter the line.  Prior to start-up, temporary screens are installed as a cheap and easy way to catch unwanted particulates and debris inline from reaching high-value equipment.  ISM stocks a full assortment of commonly used Pipeline Screens such as temporary screens, basket strainers, cone strainers and plates.  Manufactured from an assortment of in-stock high-quality stainless perforated metals, and fine wire mesh.


ISM has been an industry leader in CNC Machining, with two locations we service the Rocky Mountain area and beyond with high-quality Custom Flanges, Adapters and Pipeline Fittings.  Manufacturing custom pipeline fittings, low pressure and high pressure in a timely manner to get your operations up and running.


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