Downhole Tools & Equipment

Industrial Screen and Maintenance (ISM) has worked with many of the top Drilling Motor and Tool Companies to manufacture high quality downhole tools & equipment.  Our team of experienced Engineers, Machinists and Fabricators are ready to tackle your Drilling Motor and Downhole Tool needs.

We know you cannot afford downtime, Quality and Service are number one at ISM.  With two locations ready to serve you, Casper, WY and Grand Junction, CO with in-stock high yield alloys ready to manufacturer your replacement downhole tools to keep your drilling operations running.  

Urethane Drilling Motor Products and Solutions-

50 years of manufacturing Downhole Tools with CNC Machining capabilities and Custom Cast Urethane Department we have been able to design a variety of products specifically for the challenges seen downhole.  Incorporating cast urethane products into your drilling motor design can greatly reduce vibration, impact loads, and provide additional cushioning.  Urethane protection solutions provide ultimate protection for high value components such as rotor coatings, tungsten/chrome sealing surfaces, high value hard surfacing, even critical high end or exotic materials like titanium or copper beryllium components to prevent damage during storage and transportation and other handling mishaps.  

Email us today to speak with our Downhole Tooling Engineer about Urethane Solutions for your Downhole Tools. 

Urethane Downhole Tooling Solutions:

·         CV Boot and Boot Joints

·         Vibration Dampening Rings

·         Urethane Sleeves

·         Urethane Tubular Inspection Drifts

·         Urethane Pipe Rack Rollers


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